Today’s lesson… Really Basic First Aid Kit

Dr. David Powers
7 min readJul 10

Today’s lesson… Really Basic First Aid Kit

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Most of you are going to fall into one or more of these categories…

  1. You have several really good and well-stocked first aid kits in your house, in your car, in your Bug Out Bag, in your hiking backpack, and even a few more in addition to these.
  2. You have a bunch of first aid stuff all over the house, in your car, in bags, and loose in drawers.
  3. You have a half-empty first aid kit somewhere and have trouble finding even a simple band-aid when you need it.

E-mail me back. I’d love to hear which one of the categories you fit into.

For today’s PREPARED (*) lesson, I want you to put together a Really Basic First Aid Kit and put it in your car.

Why your car?
This makes it the most accessible. This way, your first aid kit is with you on the road, on vacation, at work, at kid events, and at home. If your only good kit was in your house, it wouldn’t be with you most of the time.

When should you put this together?
Right now.
I want you to start putting it together right now.
If you don’t have all the stuff, order it on Amazon or run to the store.
If you don’t have ANY of the stuff, just order a pre-made kit on Amazon or run to the store.

What makes a REALLY BASIC First Aid Kit?
I’m glad you asked.
Below is what I recommend for a bare bones kit to start with, but I recommend you level up as soon as you can. *See the PREPARED (*) Philosophy further down.

  • Some kind of a clearly marked container. This could be a Ziploc bag with FIRST AID written in big letters or it could be a really nice hard plastic Pelican box. I literally have both in my stash of first aid kits.
  • Light trauma bandages. I’m talking band-aids for this one.
  • Medium trauma bandages. A pack of 4x4 gauze and a couple of rolls of gauze to wrap around it is fine.
  • Heavy trauma bandages. This is something that will absorb a lot of blood. You can go…
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