Today’s lesson… Finding (or Making) Clean Water

Dr. David Powers
3 min readJul 18

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Today’s lesson came about from a conversation with a friend. He was looking into water purification for him and his wife. He wasn’t looking for a whole house system like a big Berkey, but something small for short term emergency use.

This lesson is all about Water Purification Needs for Individuals, but you can apply it to yourself, your spouse, your kids, as many people as you want really.

A core tenet of the Prepared Philosophy is to keep things simple, and something as critical to life as water needs to stay that way.

At its simplest, you should carry or store a water purification method for each person. If seven people live in your house, keep seven filters on hand. If it’s just you and your wife, then keep two.

And it should be easy to use.

Before we get into specifics, let’s talk first about why you should worry about clean water.

Why do I need to purify water?
Here’s a short list of why you should be able to purify your own water at the drop of a hat. These are all real world causes, most of which have happened this year (and every year).

  • Hurricanes
  • Floods
  • Tornadoes
  • Chemical spills
  • Sudden emergency evacuation from home for any reason
  • Contaminated water utility (water plant, bad pipes, etc)

There’s tons more, but I hope you get my point. Anywhere, anytime, you could need a clean water source.

What kind of water purification?
Don’t stock bottled water for your primary source of water. It’s great to have on hand, but you need something better than that. After all, what if you have to evacuate on foot? Or you drink it all?

You need something you can carry with you.

You need a purifier that guarantees a steady supply of water from any source. If I get thirsty, I can use mine to drink safe water from a mud puddle, golf course pond, gas station toilet, or anything else.

My go-to choice for a water purification device is the Sawyer Mini. It’s small, lightweight, and, most important, simple to use.

Dr. David Powers

Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer.