Today’s lesson… Could You Live Off Grid If You Needed To?

Dr. David Powers
4 min readOct 2

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Most men, myself included, suffer under the delusion that we could make a go of it and live off grid for a bit if we needed to.

It’s a man thing for the most part, as I don’t know many women who feel that way. In this area, women seem to be way more brutally honest with themselves.

*Nicole Appelian is one of the rare shining examples who could live off the grid forever probably. You might remember her from the show Alone.

Men, I want you to take on a dose of that brutal honesty for yourself as I flush out this lesson.

I’m currently reading One Second After by William R. Forstchen. It’s about a massive EMP attack on the United States, and is set only a few hours away from me in a small NC town I know really well.

Basically, the EMP attack shuts down all electronics and plunges the US into the dark ages. It’s a really scary book, because it’s actually very realistic, both in the potential of the event and how people would likely react to it.

It got me to thinking about this Prepared series and my goal for helping Dads become Prepared Dads-

I’m not here to help you prepare for the apocalypse.

My goal-

I’m here to help normal Dads learn the basics for the most common Everyday Emergencies and Disasters.

Now some caveats associated with that:

  • If you want to go way beyond these lessons and prep for the apocalypse, I can help you. I nerd out on that stuff.
  • You can’t go full doomsday prepper without learning the basics first.
  • If you get yourself killed in an Everyday Emergency, you won’t make it to the apocalypse.
  • If you haven’t been SuperDad for your kids in some basic disaster events like evacuations, power outages, and riots, let’s work on that before you feel you’re off grid fighting zombies kind of ready.
Dr. David Powers

Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer.