Insulting people is a common sales tactic, but you have to be careful how you use it.

You can go easy on them and say, “You know, you might not be the right fit for ______.”
Or you can get mean and be like, “You’re not good enough for _________.”

The idea is that you want the other person to basically convince you to sell them your thing, whether it’s a workout plan or a life insurance policy.

A bad idea, though, is to pile on the insults.
Check out this recent cold call email I received from a yahoo wanting…

Very impactful sermon yesterday at the church we attend (5 Point Church in Easley SC). Thought I’d give you the highlights from it, as it can apply to all areas of your life.

Servant leadership is something you’ll hear John Maxwell talk about a lot. It’s a principle in many of his leadership books.

It’s also something I have trouble with. Anyone else sometimes have troubles putting down our own ego and needs and wants to help others selflessly?

Serve from your identity, not for your identity.

In other words, serve because of who you are, not something you want…

Are You Fit or Fat AND Who’s Responsible?

My dad taught me fitness from a wee age. In those days it was all about Joe Weider, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, and Lee Haney. We used a Soloflex machine my dad bought and put right in the living room, or we had a DP bench with a bunch of plastic coasted concrete weights.

The pic below is me and my dad making those gains these days. This pic represents over a cumulative century of getting swole, and we still work out together.

Now neither me or my dad are muscle-bound monsters. Never have been. But the lessons he taught me have…

Before the world falls apart for whatever reason, I’m pretty sure the banking establishment will be further shaken up by cryptocurrency trends. It needs to be. Banks exert way too much control that all stems from sources within and above the government (not the Illuminati per se, but let’s be honest, corporations control everything).

Now, I’m not an investor, and I don’t play one on TV. I’m just a noob in this whole game. So take everything I say with a grain of salt. If you take my advice and become a financial overlord, please remember me. …

A friend of mine messaged me awhile back…
“Hey man, you wanna write a book with me about prepper first aid?”
Of course, I said yes.

The guy in question was Shawn Clay. He flies under the radar, so you may not know him, but he’s the best-selling author of at least half a dozen books in the prepper field. Not only that, but he’s co-authored books with people even bigger than him.

I’m talking Dr. Nicole Apelian from the tv show Alone and A. American. There are others that I know of in the works that are known everywhere…

Here’s a great guest post written for my by Julia over at Outspiration. Check the bottom for her bio.

Make Your Money Work For You — From Home

There are millions of home-based businesses across all industries in the United States. From the freelancer looking to supplement her family’s income to the CEO of an online company, homegrown success can be found in all 50 states. If you are looking to carve out your own piece of the American pie, launching your own enterprise from your home office is a great first step. …

Here’s another post from my friend Jenna for the Parenting section, also known by some as Corrupting Our Youth, although I prefer something along the lines of Influencing Free Range Children. She’s kind of become the resident mom-author here at apocalypse central.

If you think life is stressful now, think about what it’ll be like with zombies, aliens, or nuclear winter to make things worse. Try these tips now so you’ll make them a habit before a giant solar flare wipes out electronics all over the globe.

I hope you enjoy this short post by Jenna Sherman of Parent-Leaders. …

The year best signified by an image of a dumpster fire also happened to be my best financial year ever.

It was the year of the pivot for me, and that’s the lesson I want you to walk away with. You have to learn to pivot and be adaptable. It’s always been true, but the pandemic really brought it to light.

The businesses and individuals that came through 2020 relatively unscathed were the ones that made the potential for change a part of everything they did.

*from the book Devolution by Max Brooks

It didn’t matter if it was sickness…

Stop hoarding the paper. You’ve got more important things you need the room for, like stockpiles of food, diapers, and medical supplies.

I work with a lot of preppers and small businesses, and one redeeming characteristic of almost all of them is that they hoard 10–20 years of paperwork just in case the IRS ever comes calling.

Or if they need a new business plan.

Or if they just randomly need a certain piece of paper in the spur of the moment.

If this isn’t you, please pass this on to someone who needs it.

If it is you, read…

Dr. David Powers

Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer.

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